When her Middle Eastern husband kidnaps their child, Sarah blindly recruits a prejudiced neighbour to hunt them down. A sense of dread slowly tightens its grip as a little girl’s life hangs in the balance and a new threat rears its head.

Runtime: 19.15 mins
Formats: DCP, Apple Pro Res HQ (5.1 and 2.0 mixes), DVDs (NTSC & PAL) and BLU RAY.


BABY MINE is a gripping thriller inspired by true events. As a Lebanese, female filmmaker, I wanted to tell a unique story that not only had a Middle Eastern in the lead role but also had a complex female character at it’s core.

Beneath all the tension and mystery, lies a heart-wrenching story about an 8-year-old girl whose life is threatened by someone she trusted most. I’m passionate about thought-provoking stories with high stakes that make you feel uncomfortable and grip you at the edge of your seat, whilst being equally moving and heart-breaking on a visceral level.

Pre-dominantly seen through Sarah’s perspective, the film steers the audience to become complicit in the vilification of a Middle Eastern man. ‘Baby Mine’ pushes Sarah’s unreliability to allow the audience to confront their judgments and societal prejudices.

The film intends to touch the audience with a sense of dread that slowly tightens its grip, as our perception of reality crumbles and our own assumptions are challenged.

This tension-ridden thriller revolves around deception so what I chose to reveal, hide and draw attention to was crucial in constructing and unraveling its mystery. As Fincher, one of my favourite directors, once said - “filmmaking is about the psychology of the cinematic moment, and the psychology of the presentation of that window.”